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This is a comprehensive comparison of best dedicated hosting companies based on users ratings, forums, cnet and other web reviews on the internet. these reviews are measured on sites uptime , disk space , managed and unmanaged service, bandwidth, customer supports, scripts, easy upgrade, hosted sites performance. These companies are the best worldwide, both in USA and UK. These servers listed here are the highest rated best dedicated hosting companies 2021.  

This sites reviews also takes consideration of site uptime based on network availability, price, backup service and customer service.

5 best dedicated server 2014

serverpronto image

Serverpronto reviews

Serverpronto is ranked as the best dedicated company today, they offer one of the cheapest price on the internet, plus good uptime, bandwidth and customer service.

Serverpronto offers (Limited time)

Since 2000, they have been committed to providing the best value in the dedicated server business. In 2012, the company came under new ownership which resulted in a more customer oriented approach. ServerPronto delivers a world-class experience, No matter what your server needs are.

Interserver image

Interserver reviews

Interserver is one of the top companies today, they offer one of the cheapest price on the internet.

Interserver offers (Limited time only)

Description: has been providing the same services for the last 14 years! Although the technology has changed from the time we first opened in 1999. Our core principals of quality service and support have stayed the same. Over the years our company has expanded its product line to include dedicated servers, colocation and managed services. In 2006, InterServer built a datacenter in Secaucus, New Jersey. InterServer with its exceptional service is the leading choice for many online operations today. As a technology and product innovator, Interserver is able to provide its innumerable customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. Interserver serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in many countries. Over the years, Interserver has built a solid reputation for our commitment to security, reliability, technical expertise and the best in customer support. We aim to treat our clients well, and strive to provide uninterrupted service, comprehensive resources, and all the tools needed to run a business.

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Inmotion reviews

Inmotionhosting is one of the best companies today, they offer one of the best infrastructure in the industry.

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hostgator image

Hostgator reviews

Hostgator is one of the top ten companies today, they offer one of the cheapest price on the internet.

Hostgator offers (Limited time only)

HostGator is a world leading provider of shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting. Privately held and based in Houston, Texas with a full in-house support team of over 150 industry veterans. Customers are not required to sign up for any contract longer than month to month service. There is no setup fees on any plans .

In 2008, HostGator was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. According to Inc. Magazine, HostGator is the 21st fastest growing private company in America, the second fastest growing private company in the "business services" sector, and the fastest growing private company in Texas.

godaddy image

Godaddy review

Godaddy is one of the top companies today, they offer one of the cheapest price on the internet.

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1and1 image

1and1 reviews

1and1 is one of the top best companies today, they offer one of the cheapest price on the internet.

1and1 offers (Limited time only)

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